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Domestic and Residential Fire Protection Systems

Suppression Solutions have invested heavily in external 3rd party accredited training programs in both the design and installation of water mist & fire sprinkler systems. Suppression Solutions have full 3D CAD & Hydraulic Software capabilities enabling our design team to work seamlessly with architects, design consultants etc.

A fire suppression system is defined as an automatic system that controls and extinguishes fires without human intervention. Typically these are Fire Sprinkler or Mist Systems, although other types are available. At Suppression Solutions we will work with you to determine what the best system for your project. *

In Wales as of January 2016, most new build and change of use applications will have mandatory fire suppression systems as part of the regulations. All our design, installation and servicing is carried out by fully trained and experienced staff. Please visit our contact page if you require any assistance, you can attach your Project Plans on our contact form and a member of our Design Team will be in touch.


All our systems are designed by qualified staff and comply with British Standard BS9521 & BS8458


Our engineers are experienced and fully familiar with a variety of installation techniques and procedures.


We offer a comprehensive and reliable maintenance service to all types of sprinkler systems

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